By: Kaitlin Olson, HEALTHeCAREERS.com

The outlook has never been better for nurse practitioners!  Healthcare employment is projected to outpace every other economic section through 2020- and nurse practitioners play a large part.  With over 155,000 practicing nurse practitioners in the workforce today, there continues to be a need for NP’s to fill the gap

So, what can you expect in employment for NP professionals?  Here are a few highlights…

Nurse Practitioner Jobs are on the Rise

HEALTHeCAREERS 2012 Quarterly Healthcare Jobs Snapshots review a large need for nurse practitioners.  In Q3 2012 alone job postings for nurse practitioners grew from Q2 to Q3 by eight percent, which is a 35 percent growth from 2011.

Why is the Need for Nurse Practitioners Growing?

Healthcare media sources, including HEALTHeCAREERS.com, reviewed concern over the aging baby boomer physician population.  In fact, a recent American Medical News article said nearly “12% of primary care physicians changed facilities, retired or died in 2012”.  Combine this with nearly more than 30 million newly insured patients by 2022 and the need for mid-levels to fill in has never been greater.

What are the Hottest Nurse Practitioner Jobs by Specialty?

Psychiatric/mental health, adult and emergency NP’s continued to be the most in-demand specialties in 2012.  Compared to 2011, a recent HeCN NP Employment Fact Sheet revealed that from 2011 to 2012, adult, family medicine, hospitalist and psychiatric/mental health nurse practitioner specialties showed marked job posting growth.

Where are Nurse Practitioners Needed the Most?

If you’re a nurse practitioner in Texas, Pennsylvania, New York, Florida or California, you’re in luck!  Each of these states ranked as top states with the highest amount of NP positions in the first three quarters of 2012.  Thanks to the growing number of new hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities in California and Texas, NP’s can expect this growth to continue in 2013.  In contrast, Maine and Oklahoma decreased job postings by 33 percent in 2012.  New York, Florida and Pennsylvania saw an increase in job postings due to a large number of retirees and elderly relocating to these states- a trend that is not expected to decrease in 2013.

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