Nurse Practitioner education focuses on health promotion and prevention of chronic disease.  You educate your patients at each visit however you can’t be with them 24/7.  What are the best tools you can recommend to patients for their health at home?  The following iPhone/ iPad apps are excellent resources nurse practitioners can recommend to their patients.  

1. Daily BurnThis all-in-one health app allows you to track your workouts, enter health goals and calculate calorie consumption.  A UPC scanner helps users easily track foods eaten throughout the day.




2. VaxTrak– Are your patients always forgetting their vaccination records?  Ask them to keep their vaccine information in this iphone app.  VaxTrak allows users to store their family’s vaccination records and record insurance information.




3. Glucose BuddyAn excellent tool for diabetic patients, this app allows users to easily record glucose levels, insulin injections and foods eaten.  The app can be set up to remind patients to check their blood glucose levels at set times throughout the day.  





4. iBP Blood Pressure– This app allows patients to input blood pressure readings then informs the patient if their blood pressure is normal, high or at hypertensive levels.  Blood pressure readings are then placed into graphs indicating trends in blood pressure readings.






5. CPR and ChokingShort videos (about one minute) indicating how to preform CPR and assist a choking victim are compiled in this app.  This app is obviously not a complete CPR education but can be used by patients with formal CPR training as a review of CPR technique.





6. Close CallPut your emergency contact and allergy information on the screensaver of your phone!  This app places emergency contact information in your iphone wallpaper in case of emergency. 






7. StepTrackLiteTracking steps may be what some patients need to get motivated to exercise.  StepTrackLite is a simple pedometer that tracks activity while walking or running.





8. MedAlert Do your patients have complicated medication schedules?  Or maybe just ADHD?  MedAlert allows patients to input their medications along with the times they are due and then notifies the patient with an alarm.  When an alarm sounds, the patient is reminded which medication is due and at what dosage.





Do you have iphone apps that you recommend for your patients?  If so, let us know!

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