Applying and interviewing for jobs as a nurse practitioner can be a frustrating task, particularly if seeking employment with a large healthcare system. Landing a job with a major hospital system or large company includes a series of added steps compared with the process at a small clinic. Standing out in the application process among hundreds of other applicants can be difficult. Making it through the initial phone interview process is a challenge. How can you improve your chances of application success?

The best thing job seeking nurse practitioners can do before clicking ‘Submit’ on their next online application is to get an idea of the application and interview process from the employer’s perspective. What is HR looking for in a qualified applicant? What actions will leave your online app swirling around in cyberspace rather than in a prospective employer’s inbox?

Over the past several months I have gathered information about the application and interview process with large hospital systems. Recruiters and HR staffers filled me in on how nurse practitioners are screened and interviewed for jobs with their major health system’s hospitals and clinics. Earlier this month, I chatted with several NPs live about the process in the first webinar of MidlevelU’s 2016 webinar series. If you missed the presentation, grab a pen and paper to jot down a few notes and watch the webinar here. 

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