It’s that time of year again. No, I’m not talking finals or graduation, or even pool season. It’s time for the spring closet swap. You know, that time of year when you stash your bulky winter coats and mud-caked snow boots in the attic replacing them with pastel maxi dresses and flirty wedges. As you carry out the annual spring closet switch-up, consider updating your work wardrobe in the process.

When it comes to lab coats, most of us could use an upgrade. As nurse practitioners our days can be pretty busy. Too busy, in fact, to care for our lab coats properly. Our sleeves drag across counters, coming into contact with who-knows-what, and lunchtime spill stains subtly grace the front of our jackets. I don’t know about you, but my lab coat is looking pretty dingy these days.

Not only is your old lab coat cramping your style, it’s probably covered with germs, too. A study released earlier this year shows that lab coats harbor bacteria aiding the spread of infection.

If your lab coat has a definite ick factor, it might be time to start anew and looking at Medelita’s lab coat collection is a great place to begin. Complete with Teflon fabric protector to repel stains, Medelita lab coats are a practical solution to your lab coat woes. Tailored to perfection, Medelita also defies the typical baggy, boxy, unisex lab coat fit.

True to their commitment to fashion, Medelita has just released the new Ellody Petite Fit Lab Coat designed for providers 5’4″ and under. The Ellody Lab Coat features slimming lines and soft curves, a dramatic improvement for women of shorter stature.

Today, Medelita is giving away an Ellody Petite Fit Lab Coat to one lucky MidlevelU reader. To enter, e-mail giveaways@midlevelu.com by Monday, April 28th with the reason your lab coat could use an upgrade. Bonus point for including pics of your worn out lab coats!

The Ellody Petite Fit Lab Coat


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2 thoughts on “Thursday Giveaway! Lab Coat Upgrade”

  • Andre knapp NP says:

    Please consider me for the lab coat upgrade because I deserve it! I have been working full time for over 14 years as a NP and lately, my boss took vacation 6 weeks already this year. I think all hard working people deserve a break sometimes because medicine is a field that can take all of you. I want to be at my best each day and I think these beautiful lab coats will make me look and feel refreshed!

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