At MidlevelU, we say yes!  Watch this news clip that aired on Fox and Friends discussing the controversy.

To address the concerns of the MD, of course you do not know what will walk through the door when you operate your own medical prcatice.  However, if you are smart enought to have your own medical practice and have some level of nurse practitioner experience, you are able to decide if a patient is critically ill and needs a higher level of care.  You are able to determine if a patient is well enough to transport themselves from your clinic to the hospital for a higher level of care, if they are ill but can wait a few days to get in to see a specialist or if emergent transport to the ER is necessary.  As a nurse practitioner, I have worked independently in multiple clinics and have had patients with emergent medical conditions present to the clinic.  I have been able to direct patients who present to my clinics to the appropriate level of care they have required with excellent outcomes. 

Nurse practitioners will be key players in the growing need for primary care providers.  Their training lends itself wonderfully to the primary care environment and with experience, they should be allowed to practice independently. 

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