Work has been seriously busy lately.  If this influenza outbreak doesn’t give me the flu, it will certainly drive me to utter exhaustion.  I predict a subsequent outbreak of mental illness among health care providers.  Running around the ER from patient to patient is beginning to get me run down…and looking seriously unkempt.  When I’m feeling a bit down, overwhelmed or lacking in motivation I have found that a new outfit can certainly lift my spirits.

So, last week I scoured the internet for the cutest scrubs I could find.  No, I don’t HAVE to wear scrubs to work.  It’s just so much easier than trying to throw something new together every morning and spending all my cash at the dry cleaner.  My search for more stylish scrubs landed me on the Blue Sky co. website

I browsed thorough this company’s different offerings including their Classic Collection, Grey Label, Original Scrubs and Simple Scrubs and identified the Classic Collection as my fave.  My royal blue scrubs from nursing school were recently tossed in the Goodwill pile, so I selected navy blue as my color of choice.

My scrubs arrived quickly in a cute little white box folded to perfection.  I admired the pocket detail and two-toned tie on the bottoms.  I tossed my new scrubs into the wash to see how they fared also preparing them for a long day of bodily fluid exposure at the hospital.  Yesterday I tested my new scrub purchase (luckily with very minimal exposure to bodily fluids), here’s how they fared.

The Positives:

  • Super cute pockets and drawstring.  The pockets on these scrub bottoms resemble what you might find on jeans making them more interesting than more traditional scrub offerings.  The pocket on the top also adds a little flare without being over the top.  I also love the striped drawstring.
  • Comfy fabric.  Although a little thinner that expected, Blue Sky uses a unique fabric to create their scrubs.  It is comfy and seems like it will hold up well.  It has a higher quality appearance and more vibrant coloring than other scrubs I own.
  • Washable.  I didn’t expect these scrubs to hold up well in the wash given the pocket detail.  And there is no way I was planning to iron them before wearing.  But, my worries were unfounded.  These scrubs came out of the dryer wrinkle free and pockets still flat.  Most importantly, they didn’t bleed on the white T-shirt I accidentally included in this load of laundry.
  • True to size.  I ordered a small in my new scrubs and they fit perfectly.  The more traditional fit of these scrubs (slightly baggy) make them adaptable to all shapes and sizes.

The Negatives:

  • Thin fabric.  Although the Blue Sky co. fabric seems durable, it is a bit thin.  I think this will become a positive in the summer months but I wore a tank top in addition to my scrub set for a bit of extra warmth.
  • Pocket placement.  I wear an ID name badge at work and like to keep a pen in my front pocket…but these scrubs do not have a front pocket.  The pocket placement on the Blue Sky co. Classic Collection doesn’t allow for storing necessities in your pockets.  I solved this dilemma by wearing my lab coat

The takeaway?  Overall, I loved this new addition to my workplace wardrobe.  For me, the main negative was the inability to store a pen in my pocket but this was not a deal-breaker.  I will be ordering Blue Sky scrubs in many more colors and integrating them into my weekly scrub rotation.

How are you faring with flu season so far?  I hope you rested up this weekend, good luck with the madness this week!

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