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As nurse practitioners we all, of course, try our best to practice within legal bounds. But, sometimes trouble in our personal life affects our professional standing. Or, we make a poor decision in regards to our practice. Ideally, none of us will never become the subject of disciplinary action but mistakes do happen.

Recently, I had the opportunity to meet attorney Alex Fisher, an associate at Frost Brown Todd here in Nashville. We instantly connected while chatting over a glass of wine about nurse practitioners and their legal standing. Her insights into the disciplinary process when it comes to NPs were fascinating. Alex works a lot with nurse practitioners who find themselves brought before the Board of Nursing or who are the subject of a complaint filed with the Department of Health. She understands the legal implications of NP practice inside and out.

So, I asked Alex if she would be willing to share with MidlevelU readers a few insights into the common reasons nurse practitioners find themselves in legal trouble. And, most importantly, how to avoid these mistakes. She graciously agreed to share her thoughts.

Check out our conversation regarding pitfalls in the nurse practitioner profession and how to prevent these in your own practice.






If you find yourself facing disciplinary action as a nurse practitioner, or simply have a legal question, Alex Fisher can be reached at afisher@fbtlaw.com or (615) 251-5594. She loves helping NPs and would be happy to answer your questions.



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