This summer I have been receiving more questions than ever about non-traditional routes to becoming a nurse practitioner.  Personally, one of the reasons I love the NP profession is that it’s accessible to those of us who didn’t know we wanted to become nurse practitioners early in our education.  What a relief to still have options for a change at any point in your career.  So, for this month’s NP program, I decided to feature a university devoted to offering an array of educational paths for prospective NP’s, Walden University.

When I browse through Walden University’s NP educational opportunities, the word practical comes to mind.  Walden’s programs are offered online so students have the convenience of completing them on their own time at their own pace.  NP students at Walden can complete their NP program while working, spending time with their families and fulfilling life’s other obligations.  

Walden University offers two nurse practitioner specialties through their MSN program, Family Nurse Practitioner and Adult-Gerontology Nurse Practitioner.  Leadership and Management, Nursing Education and Nursing Informatics tracks are also available.  All MSN specialties at Walden University are offered in two formats, one for students with an RN degree and the other for students holding a BSN degree.  All nurse practitioner programs require that students have a prerequisite two years of direct patient care experience within the past five years.  

Not only is Walden University a practical choice for your NP education given it’s multiple entry options and educational paths, it is cost effective.  MSN courses at Walden cost between $335 and $555 per quarter credit including books.  Overall, nurse practitioner students can complete their degree for between $21,695 and $30,975.  This is an excellent value considering the average nurse practitioner salary is over $90,000.

Whether you are an RN or BSN prepared nurse looking to further your education, Walden University provides a cost effective, flexible path to the nurse practitioner career.


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6 thoughts on “Nurse Practitioner Program of the Month: Walden University”

  • Do you have any advice re challenge/difficulty in taking RN-MSN/FNP for me. I’m 64! Do you know of anyone in this age group that’s tackled this path

  • Hi Charlotte,

    While I haven’t received comments/ e-mails from anyone in their 60’s about tackling the path to becoming an NP, there are plenty of individuals in their 50’s that have asked me about the challenge.  If you currently have an RN degree, finding an RN-MSN program will be the quickest option for completing your degree.  I think it’s excellent you are still advancing your career and looking to take on new challenges!

  • I am a current Walden student who will graduate this summer 2015 with my FNP! Walden has made it possible to work fulltime while going to school fulltime. I would not encourage that, but online learning does make it possible! I prefer traditional learning, but Walden has been a great experience.

  • I am debating getting my NP from Walden University because I have read some negative reviews. I completed my MSN Ed degree online so I am prepared for online classes.

  • I have been in nursing for 18 years. I am currently in the AGNP program and it has been very rigorous to say the least. That being said, I feel that I am learning a tremendous amount and I am applying the ongoing didactic content toward my clinical practicum and feel that it is very beneficial in the clinical setting. I choose Walden because it worked best for me in order to work and obtain my APRN degree. No school will ever prepare you 100%, as this profession is dedicated to the lifelong learning endeavor, but the foundation is the same in all programs that are accredited and under review and this is what matters. I do believe that the content has been thorough, rigorous, and appropriate. In addition, the staff is very helpful, and I hope to continue and obtain my DNP in the future.

  • For Charlotte:
    I say Go for it & follow your dreams! I’m 56 & still considering applying to Walden for the RN-BSN-MSN Geriatric NP program. 64 yrs old is young & you will have so much experience & value to share with your fellow students, instructors, & patients! Best Wishes to you!

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