What better place to attend your nurse practitioner program than the beautiful Pacific Northwest.  As a native of the great State of Washington, I can assure you the pristine location of University of Washington’s prestigious NP program, nestled between city and lake will provide the perfect compliment to your nurse practitioner education.

Whether you are looking to become an Adult Nurse Practitioner, a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner or are pursuing a specialty addressing populations somewhere in between, the University of Washington School of Nursing offers a program to meet your needs.  Although the school has eliminated MSN degree programs opting to educate only prospective DNP’s, students should still consider the University of Washington in their NP program search.  Many students worry about the length of DNP education, however these programs take just 3 years to complete.

The robust educational offerings at University of Washington contribute to it’s widely acknowledged quality.  In 2011, University of Washington topped U.S. News and World Report’s list of best graduate nursing schools.  Nurse practitioner students have the opportunity to get involved in activities enhancing their education such as the de Tornyay Center for Healthy Aging promoting geriatric health.  International NP student programs promise to help students develop an understanding of global health issues.  From exploring “Health in a Developing Country” in India to studying “Korean Culture, Immigration & Health” in South Korea, University of Washington’s international programs provide prospective nurse practitioners education and adventure.

Within the more traditional portion of the DNP curriculum, University of Washington School of Nursing works to ensure the success of it’s students.  By providing clinical placement sites, NP students avoid the hassle and headache of locating their own preceptors.  A diverse selection of clinical placements from correctional centers to veteran’s care clinics insures students are well prepared to practice in the real world.  This preparedness is evidenced by University of Washington’s nurse practitioner graduates passing the national NP certification exam at a rate of over 95%.  DNP student Karen Dee Basra comments on the value of relationships she has developed with her professors at U of W.  She says “Everyone I have been privileged to get to know has been supportive, knowledgable, passionate about their work and excited to teach.  I have very much appreciated being able to interact with the leaders in my field on such a deep level”. 

Still not convinced University of Washington School of Nursing is the place for you?  I can personally attest that life in Seattle, Washington cannot be matched.  I doesn’t rain that much, I promise.  Activities like visiting historic Pike Place Market, canoeing in Lake Washington and hiking in the Cascade Mountains will fill your weekends- when you aren’t studying, that is.  

If you are looking for a quality DNP program, whatever your specialty of choice, consider University of Washington School of Nursing.  With their quality programs and extracurricular offerings, you are sure to graduate well prepared for your nurse practitioner career. 


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