We’re on a DNP kick this week at MidlevelU. So, we’ve decided to feature a nursing school that has officially made the transition to phasing out the MSN and fully embracing the DNP degree for nurse practitioner students as this month’s featured NP program. If you are looking to take your nursing education to the max, the University of Arizona College of Nursing has a lot to offer.

Flexibility is the name of the game at the Univeristy of Arizona. Nurses may enter the DNP program with either a BSN or MSN degree. The school also offers a pathway for non-nurses, the Master’s Entry to the Profession of Nursing program. With this program, aspiring nurse practitioners without a healthcare background obtain a Master of Science in Nursing preparing them as nursing generalists. Additionally, an RN to MSN online program gives associate’s degree nurses a jump start to the NP career. Wherever you fall in your academic track, the University of Arizona offers a program to meet your needs.

Not only does U of A have variety in its program offerings, flexibility is apparent within these programs themselves. For example, students may complete their DNP primarily online. This gives DNP students the freedom to continue in their current employment as well as complete required coursework at their own convenience. Occasional campus visits are required throughout the program. Both part-time and full-time potions are available.

Ranked in the top 10 percent of graduate nursing programs in the country, the University of Arizona College of Nursing is committed to quality. DNP graduates from the college have a near perfect pass rate on the national certification exam at 99 percent.

The one drawback to the University of Arizona College of Nursing? Attending a DNP program among the sun and palm trees of Tucson will cost you. Compared to other DNP programs across the country, the University of Arizona is on the more expensive side of the spectrum. Arizona residents do get a substantial tuition discount.

If you have decided the DNP is the nurse practitioner degree to meet your needs, consider the University of Arizona College of Nursing in your DNP program search.


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