Looking for an accessible, affordable online Family Nurse Practitioner program?  If so, you must take a look at this month’s featured nurse practitioner program, the Ida V. Moffett School of Nursing at Samford University.  

The search for a nurse practitioner program can be daunting.  The cost associated with an NP education is high.  Many NP programs require an extensive on-campus time commitment.  Prospective nurse practitioners worry that they will choose the wrong program leaving them ill-equipped for the national certification exam as well as their future careers.  These common concerns are addressed in Samford’s Family Nurse Practitioner program.  

The FNP program at Samford University is completed online in 18-24 months allowing students to complete their education without relocating.  The 720 hour clinical hour requirement can be completed anywhere across the United States.  Just three on campus sessions are required throughout the program.  With 100% of nurse practitioner students passing the national certification exam upon graduation, Samford’s program prepares students well for their future careers.

Don’t have your BSN?  Not to worry.  The Ida V. Moffett School of Nursing offers a unique, online RN-MSN program allowing students with an RN but not a BSN degree to complete the nurse practitioner program.  In just seven semesters, RN’s can get a nurse practitioner degree.

In addition to a solid FNP program, Samford University offers master’s level nurse educator and nurse manager programs.  A DNP program is also in place and allows students to select an administrative or advanced practice focus.

If you are in the market for an online nurse practitioner program, Samford’s reputable and affordable nurse practitioner programs deserve a close look. 


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