If you didn’t notice, I took a little hiatus from the Nurse Practitioner Program of the Month column.  With healthcare reform, the New Year, and posting topics based on reader recommendations there simply wasn’t enough time in the day to keep the column going.  And, NP program of the month didn’t seem nearly as interesting as Book Club or What’s Really in That Cocktail?, my latest news story.  So, I let the column slide- until today when something sparked my interest. 

While researching for my post on Direct Entry Nurse Practitioner Programs, I revisited the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing website and was quite impressed.  Johns Hopkins offers a truly unique nurse practitioner program that I haven’t seen at any other university.  The Accelerated BS to MSN with Paid Clinical Residency program at Hopkins allows nurse practitioners with a bachelor’s degree in a non-nursing field to not only earn RN and MSN degrees, but to punctuate their education with paid, hands-on nursing experience.  Students in the program enter a paid, one-year residency following the RN portion of their program.  Then, the residency become full-time employment allowing students to work while continuing with MSN coursework part-time.

The Johns Hopkins program design is genius.  The major drawbacks of accelerated NP programs are cost and graduating as a NP but without and nursing experience.  The program removes these hurdles by giving students earning potential during part of their program helping to offset the cost simultaneously gaining valuable patient care skills.  Brilliant. 

It wouldn’t be fair to name Johns Hopkins School of Nursing the NP program of the month without mentioning their other program offerings.  Hopkins offers multiple nurse practitioner specialty tracks as well as a number of public health nursing programs.  Non-traditional offerings like the post-graduate HIV Primary Care Certificate program round out Hopkins’ curriculum offerings.  

The Nurse Practitioner Program of the Month column is back with a “bang”.  It’s going to be tough finding a school that stands up to to not only the prestige of Johns Hopkins but also their innovative program offerings for prospective NPs. 


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