It’s hard to believe this is the final pick for the Nurse Practitioner Program of the Month 2012- the year has certainly flown by!  In choosing University of Michigan’s School of Nursing for December’s featured NP program, the NP Program of the Month 2012 column is going out with a bang.  University of Michigan offers an extensive array of nurse practitioner programs.  If you’re in the market for a NP program this school is worth a serious look.

University of Michigan School of Nursing offers an astounding ten nurse practitioner specialties ranging from single specialty options such as Nurse Midwifery and Primary Care Family Nurse Practitioner to a variety of dual specialty programs such as Nurse Midwife/Primary Care Pediatric Nurse Practitioner.  For students interested in the business and administrative side of health care, U of M also offers dual degree programs in Nursing and Business Administration, Nursing and Health Services Administration and Nursing and Information.  Whatever NP specialty you hope to study, University of Michigan School of Nursing has a program to meet your needs.

Along with it’s diverse program offerings, I particularly like University of Michigan for it’s international and community service bent.  Students in any NP specialty can elect to complete a Peace Corps Master’s International Concentration.  This gives nurse practitioner students the opportunity to combine their nursing curriculum with on site international experience as a Peace Corps volunteer.  What an amazing way to kick of your nurse practitioner career!

University of Michigan School of Nursing offers quality nurse practitioner programs for students of all interests.  Whether you hope to merge you love of nursing with business or volunteerism, or simply become a highly qualified nurse practitioner, U of M has a program offering for you.  With pass rates on the national nurse practitioner certification exam of over 90%, a NP degree from University of Michigan will get your nurse practitioner career of to a great start.


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