I have often attempted to locate specifics regarding legislation surrounding nurse practitioners in Tennessee to no avail.  Living in the Volunteer State, am I as a nurse practitioner allowed to sign a death certificate?  I have no idea.  Browsing state government websites for these answers can be frustrating and leave you still searching for answers.  Luckily, medical recruiting agency Barton and Associates recently posted an easy to use interactive feature on their website outlining NP Scope of Practice Laws.

Although not exhaustive, this interactive graphic allows nurse practitioners to quickly view laws governing NP’s in each state.  It includes information about nurse practitioner’s ability to prescribe and practice independently for each state.  It also notes information such as if NP’s are allowed to sign death certificates or handicap parking permits. 

So, in Tennessee as a nurse practitioner am I allowed to sign a death certificate?  No.  What if I relocate to my native Washington State?  Well, then, yes, I can officially declare someone dead.  Contrary to what I previously thought, in my current location I am allowed to sign handicap parking permits.  I may just print one in my own name and endorse it with my legally acceptable signature tonight.

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