Being a runner, a health food aficionado and of course a nurse practitioner, healthy living tips and tricks are some of my favorite discussion topics.  Ask me about my latest health food faves and I can talk your ear off.  How to get started as a runner? I’ve got loads of advice.  As a nurse practitioner, my interests extend to useful (and not so useful) medical knowledge and health advice.  I enjoy sharing my latest healthy living tips and tricks with friends, family, patients, and lately in the media.  

While I love talking about all things health related, the content I post on MidlevelU has traditionally addressed the nurse practitioner career and education.  So, I have decided to expand, adding a new category of content to the blog titled “Patient Corner”.  In Patient Corner, both medically trained and non-medical readers will find the latest in healthcare issues including health tips and tricks, patient issues and medical advice.

Whether you are a patient or medical provider, I hope you enjoy Patient Corner.  As always, if there is a topic you would like addressed, feel free to post a comment with your ideas.  

Check out our first Patient Corner feature- What Parents Need to Know About Cough and Cold Medications for Kids.

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