It’s official.  Two of the nation’s most notable nurse practitioner organizations have joined forces.  This month, the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners and the American College of Nurse Practitioners officially announced their long awaited plans for consolidation.  How will this affect you as a nurse practitioner?

The AANP-ACNP merger creates a unified nurse practitioner organization consisting of nearly 40,000 members.  With such a large membership, the newly formed organization, known as the American Association of Nurse Practitioners, will lend a louder, more unified voice to nurse practitioners across the country.  The new organization aims to advocate for nurse practitioners at their fullest potential according to an AANP press release.  

Overall, nurse practitioners have favored the merger.  “The nurse practitioner community has made it clear that they support this alliance and share our vision for one entity that represents the very best of what we have to offer as health care providers” says Angela Golden, DNP, FNP-C, current president of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners.  Loretta Ford, founder of the nurse practitioner profession also favors the merger.  She notes it will be beneficial for nurse practitioners to present a more unified agenda to legislators. 

Perhaps with a larger, more unified nurse practitioner force, the American Association of Nurse Practitioners will succeed in lobbying for more consistent legislation surrounding NP practice including the ability to practice independently in all 50 states.  

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