Are you looking for something more personal and interactive than your typical nurse practitioner program?  If so, Emory’s Woodruff School of Nursing is the place for you.  Emory offers not only an excellent NP education, but also local and international nursing volunteer experiences to enrich your nurse practitioner education.

Just ask NP student Erin Graham who has been volunteering with City of Refuge, a relief organization working with Atlanta families living in poverty.  Graham spent two weeks educating kids about composting, the importance of fresh fruits and vegetables and a healthy diet.  Graham and fellow student volunteers think this experience has given them a broader view of the role of nurses.  Faculty member Hope Bussenius states “Because nurses work in clinical settings, when they do go out to serve in the community, they tend to think in terms of blood pressure screenings, we want them to see a much bigger picture.”

Internationally, Emory’s School of Nursing offers programs such as Active Winter and Spring Breaks providing service learning opportunities in places like Jamaica and the Dominican Republic.  Students in these programs provide health education and medical care to individuals in need.  If you have a bent for international health, Emory will provide an outlet for your interests.

Even if you are not interested in weaving volunteer experience into your nurse practitioner education, Emory is still an excellent choice for your nurse practitioner education.  Emory offers nine nurse practitioner specialties including more specialized programs such as emergency nurse practitioner and pediatric acute care which are rare finds.  All programs are still offered at the Master’s level with no current plans to require the DNP so you have time to complete an MSN at Emory.  Additionally, 100 percent of NP graduates pass the national nurse practitioner certification exam after graduation.  Are there any drawbacks to this excellent NP program?  At $1,508/ credit, you will pay for the quality of education. 

Admissions staff at Emory are approachable and quick to respond to questions.  Katie Kennedy (katie.kennedy@emory.edu) is a great resource if you are interested in learning more about Emory’s nurse practitioner programs.

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