MidlevelU is proud to announce that the Nurse Practitioner Program of the month for June 2012 is Vanderbilt University.  As a graduate of Vanderbilt’s nurse practitioner program, I have personally had a chance to experience the nurse practitioner education that Vanderbilt University has to offer.  

Vanderbilt students have a variety of options for completing the nurse practitioner program.  The bridge program allows nurse practitioner students without a degree in nursing to complete the nurse practitioner program in just two years.  Students are also able to choose from over ten different specialty options.  Both MSN programs and DNP programs are currently offered at Vanderbilt, however the Vanderbilt’s nurse practitioner program will likely begin to require students to pursue the DNP degree beginning in 2015 so if you wish to complete the program at the master’s level you must enroll quickly.  Graduates from Vanderbilt’s nurse practitioner program have over a 98% pass rate on the national certification exam.  

Vanderbilt University’s nurse practitioner program also offers an array of learning options including courses taught in block format.  In some specialties, students may complete the program at a distance and simply come to Nashville, TN four times each semester to complete a five day on campus session.  Other specialties are taught in a hybrid format which includes a mix of online and on campus coursework.  As a student at Vanderbilt, I enjoyed this blend of coursework as I had the flexibility of completing some classes online along with the social aspect of completing some courses in the classroom alongside other nurse practitioner students. 

As a student in Vanderbilt’s nurse practitioner program you will have the opportunity to live and study in Nashville, TN which I personally believe is an excellent benefit.  Nashville is home to great restaurants, a fun night life and a low cost of living.  As a graduate of Vanderbilt’s nurse practitioner bridge program, I have never had difficulty finding employment as a nurse practitioner and would highly recommend the program to nurse practitioner students. 


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