You have decided you want to become a nurse practitioner.  Which nurse practitioner program do you choose?  After compiling information from over 200 nurse practitioner programs, we have come up with our Top 5 List of Nurse Practitioner programs for 2012.

1. University of Virginia- 100% of graduates of University of Virginia’s nurse practitioner programs have jobs within one year of graduation.  The admissions staff at University of Virginia are exceedingly helpful and great to work with so contact them with any questions regarding their nurse practitioner programs. 


2. Emory University– 100% of Emory University’s nurse practitioner students pass the national certification exam upon graduation.  Emory offersnine nurse practitioner specialties so students are able to pursue specific areas of interest.  The admissions staff at Emory are friendly and eager to assist prospective students and will be very helpful if you ar interested in the nurse practitioner programs offered at Emory. 


3. John’s Hopkins University- 99.5% of nurse practitioner students at Johns’ Hopkins University pass the national certification exam and 92% have a job working as a nurse practitioner within six months of graduation giving it the best stats of almost any nurse practitioner program.  



4. Loyola University- Loyola University offers over ten different nurse practitioner specialties including specialties such as oncology, cardiology and emergency medicine making it an excellent program for nurse practitioner students with specific areas of interest.  100% of Loyola’s nurse practitioner students pass the national certification exam.



5. The Ohio State University- Ohio State University offers online Family Nurse Practitioner and Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner programs along with five other specialties offered on campus.  100% of graduates from Ohio State University’s nurse practitioner programs pass the national certification exam.


Please see Midlevelu’s 2012 Guide to Nurse Practitioner Programs for a complete list of the Top 20 Nurse Practitioner Programs.

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