I wanted to have something insightful, festive or at least funny to share with you today being that it is Christmas.  However, I have been too busy with holiday parties, baking gingerbread cookies and going on a family vacation (yes, it often resembles the infamous Chevy Chase movie) to come up with anything revolutionary.  So, I bring you other’s insightful holiday offerings…here are my favorite festive medical news stories of the week.

1. Are You Healthier Than Santa? 

By Shiv Gaglani for MedGadget

You can probably diagnose Santa’s more obvious potential health ailments based on his appearance- metabolic syndrome perhaps?  Writers at MedGadget go further in exploring Kris Kringle’s health thanks to a free app, Santa Anatomy, that helps user’s explore our holiday friend’s exceptional, aerodynamic anatomy.

2. Why Rudolph’s Nose is Red

British Medical Journal

This article is not meant to be humorous- I can tell by the bland tones in which the british discuss Rudolph’s nose in this video.  Let’s put it in the interesting category.  Exploring artiodactyl nasal physiology researchers determine just why Santa’s furry friend has the ability to guide the sleigh on dark nights.  Want the quicker to read print version?  Read it here in the NY Times.

3. 12 Days of Trauma


U.S. trauma expert Dr. Thomas Esposito tallies the cost of traumatic holiday injuries.  You won’t have money left for presents if any of the unfortunate events occur in your family.  The cost of two frostbit toes is a staggering $289,932.

4. Medicinal Attributes of Mistletoe

By Chris Kilham for FoxNewsHealth.com

Betcha didn’t know this plant does more than initiate make-out sessions.  In Europe, mistletoe is widely prescribed as an adjunct to cancer therapies for it’s anti-cancer properties.  It is administered in the form of subcutaneous injection.  That’s a new one. 

5. Medical Guide to Holiday Movies

By Jennifer Austin for ABCNews.com

I wish the author had gone with exploring classic Christmas movies here, but still an interesting piece.  Curious about the medical conditions presented in this season’s top theater hits?  Turns out Porphyria can actually give humans the vampire-esque characteristics seen in the Twilight Saga.

Merry Christmas to all.  Enjoy spending time with friends and family.  I hope you have a wonderful Holiday. 


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