Woohoo!  Saturday is finally here.  Regrettably, I signed myself up for a triathlon this weekend so rather than having pancakes in my pajamas this morning, I will begin my day by swimming, biking and running.  It’s the kind of thing I will feel good about after it’s over.  Once my sporty start to the weekend is complete, I plan on spending the rest of my time relaxing with a good book.  What do you have planned this weekend?  If you find yourself with some time to spare, check out this week’s more interesting medical news stories.

Montreal based start-up OMsignal creates biosensing clothes.  Not only can these new duds monitor your heart rate, breathing, calories and activity level, they also monitor stress level.  Just what we all need- our clothing telling us we’re stressed out. 

Need some encouragement on living with chronic disease?  Check out this podcast featuring pro race car driver Charlie Kimball who lives with Type 1 Diabetes.  Charlie injects insulin, drinks OJ and drives at over 200 miles per hour all at the same time.

Phytophotodermatitis what?  Five girls in California sustain second degree burns from a mix of sunshine and lime juice.  Apparently chemicals in lime juice change with UV light causing a toxic reaction on the skin.  Lesson learned- don’t spill next time you drink a margarita poolside. 

Some people are just too fat to rescue.  5,000 patients a year with emergent medical conditions are turned down by air ambulances due to size.  Some cities are considering paying the hefty fee for helicopters that can hold larger patients. 

Apparently nurses are not practicing what they preach.  One survey shows 70% of nurses are overweight while 40% fall into the obese category.  Time to put down the pizza on the night shift.

The results of this study seem counterintuitive.  Individuals with better hygiene have a higher risk of Alzheimer’s.  Researchers believe reduced contact with viruses and bacteria have problems developing immunity and therefore are more likely to develop dementia.  Regardless of the cause, this study offers an excellent excuse not to mop your floors this week. 

The newest unhealthy trend among teens?  E-cigarettes.  Electronic cigarette use among middle school and high school students doubled from 2011 to 2012 with 6.8% of young people having tried the nicotine-containing device. 

If you’re looking for some weekend inspiration, check out these 22 TED Talks on fitness, health and happiness

Women selling positive pregnancy tests online.  Now that’s what you call desperate…for both buyers and sellers. 

64 year-old Diana Nyad swims from Cuba to Florida without a shark cage.  The adventurous athlete complete the 110 mile swim in about 53 hours.  This was her fifth attempt at the daring swim.  “You are never too old to chase your dreams” says Nyad. 

Have a wonderful weekend!

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