Good morning!  I hope you all are enjoying this lovely fall weekend.  What do you have planned?  Fortunately, I don’t work at the hospital until later this evening and am able to enjoy this crisp autumn morning, namely by going for a refreshing jog followed by a sipping a cup of coffee on my front porch.  If you find yourself with some time to spare, check out this week’s medical news. 

A spoon for people with Parkinson’s reduces shaking by 70%.  The spoon made by Lift Labs counteracts the wavering movements of an unsteady hand.  Designers hope to manufacture knife and fork attachments in the near future. 

Chinese surgeons grow a nose on one man’s forehead– for a good cause, of course.  The man sustained serious injuries to his original nose in a traffic accident so doctors are crafting a new appendage on the man’s forehead.  The new nose will be transplanted to replace the original, damaged nose. 

Did you know you can turn off your gag reflex by squeezing your left thumb?  This move is commonly recommended dentists.

Curious beginnings of 5 surgical tools.  Who knew absorbable sutures were created after a man’s pet monkey swallowed the strings of his lute giving him inspiration for the invention?

So called “Mountain Dew Mouth” is destroying the teeth of residents living in Appalachia.  Excessive soda consumption in the area is responsible for the alarming 26 percent rate of tooth decay among pre-schoolers.

“Do you want fruit with that?”  McDonald’s announced this week they would begin offering healthier options as part of their value meals such as side salads, fruit and vegetables in lieu of the usual fries. 

Bring on the Reese’s!  New study shows that girls who eat peanut butter have lower risk of breast cancer later in life.   Beans, lentils, soybeans and corn may also help prevent the disease but researchers say the girls didn’t consume these foods in high enough quantities to fully support the claim. 

American dietary report card shows we consume a bit more cheese than in previous years and way more yogurt.  Americans also eat on average 500 more calories per day than in 1970.

How many die from medical mistakes in hospitals?  Researchers estimate that medical errors lead to the deaths of between 210,000 and 440,000 patients each year making medical mistakes the third leading cause of death in America. 

New 3D toothbrush cleans your mouth in 6 seconds. To make the brush, dentists take a digital scan of an individual’s mouth, then use it to optimally place bristles for a quick, personalized cleaning.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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