My favorite day of the week is finally here, Saturday.  This weekend, I have even more reason to celebrate as I am making up for working Labor Day by taking a long weekend getaway.  Hello London, here I come!  What are you up to this weekend?  If you find yourself with some time to spare, check out this week’s more interesting medical news stories. 

Ohio nurse Kathy Halloway didn’t expect to need her healthcare skills while spending a sunny day at the beach.  But, when Kathy heard cries for help she dove into the water rescuing a drowning 4-year-old boy.  Kathy and another bystander started CPR reviving the boy who is now in stable condition. 

Long-term study shows that a shorter work week may not increase well-being.  I beg to differ.  My most joyful days are certainly not those spent on the job.  

Illinois teens accidentally crop-dusted.  79 teen workers were detassling corn when fungicide from a crop-dusting plane drifted over the field where they were working.  The young workers were decontaminated by fire fighters and suffered only minor skin irritation. 

The sugar content of everyday foods in photo.  Next time you’re in the mood for yogurt, it seems you might as well down five sugar cubes instead. 

Old folks, it’s time to put down the knitting and pick up the video game controls.  Certain types of video games have been shown to improve cognitive skills in the elderly. 

12 happiness myths debunked.  Looks like money might buy happiness after all.  

Your next surgery could feel more like an afternoon of TV on the couch.  Advances in anesthesia are allowing more and more patients to stay awake during surgery.  Television offers a much needed distraction during some procedures.  And, you won’t have to miss the big game. 

Physician-scientist and designer Dr. Stephen Gaeta, captures anatomy with words and art.  Dr. Gaeta’s typography prints feature text from ancient medical publications putting them to picture. 

Rescued kitten infects girl with rare virus.  A teenage girl in the Netherlands rescued a drowning kitten from a ditch.  The next day the girl developed a large, blackened, necrotic wound on her arm.  Suspecting a bacterial infection, doctors prescribed antibiotics with no relief.  One smart MD correctly suspected the cowpox virus, a rare cutaneous infection, as the cause of the girl’s wound. 

New Human Body app allows kids to explore anatomy.  Complete with an array of “bottom noises”, this app teaches little ones about everything from digestion to the circulatory system. 

Have you tried the new “Magic Mushroom” diet?  A new diet fad advocates replacing one meal a day with mushrooms.  Reportedly, the diet plan allows women to shed fat from trouble zones while leaving the bust unaffected.  Celebs like Katy Perry are on board with the so called M Plan, but experts doubt its credibility. 

Have a wonderful weekend!

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