Can you believe it’s the last day of August?  After this last long weekend, it’s time to bid adieu to summer and welcome fall.  While I’m sad the pool going, lake vacationing months are behind us, I can’t help but look forward to crisp, cooler weather and the sense of routine that comes with ringing in the start of the school year.  Student or not, the displays of number 2 pencils in convenience stores, sales at the mall and fall fashion catalogs arriving in my mailbox bring a sense of familiarity and grounding to my sometimes all-to-crazy life.  If you find yourself with a little down time during your last weekend of summer, check out this week’s medical news lite. 

Have you heard about the new MTV reality show Nurse Nation?  In September, MTV plans to give tweens and teens an inside peek into the world of nine twenty-something travel nurses describing their experiences as the ultimate “word-hard/play-hard” lifestyle.  I anticipate excessive footage of foreign bodies.

I hope my tax dollars didn’t pay for this study.  Researchers recently found that Budweiser and Colt 45 are the beers most commonly associated with emergency department visits. The worst aspect of the study according to researchers?  Waiting around the ER until 4am for their participants to sober up and give informed consent for participation in the study.

Zombies rejoice!  Researchers have grown tiny structures resembling the human brain.  Scientists hope this will give them a way to study neurological diseases that might otherwise be difficult to research.

Sorry NYC, Philly has taken gastronomical regulations one step further.  Philadelphia’s Healthy Chinese Takeout Initiative aims to reduce the salt consumption of its residents.

A 9cm fish is removed alive and kicking from 12-year-old Anil Barela’s lungs.  The boy accidentally inhaled the critter while playing in a river in India.  Doctors performed a broncoscopy to remove the sea creature.  You can check out a clip of the fish-removal procedure here.

Diabetics could soon have an artistic option for monitoring their glucose levels.  The new nano ink tattoo contains a glucose-detecting molecule allowing diabetics to monitor their glucose in style.  What would your glucose-monitoring tattoo look like? 

New Ohio State University emergency department to be named after…Abercrombie and Fitch?  Yes, the clothing store best known for scantly clad teens and refusing to carry plus-sized clothing contributed to the university’s emergency department expansion leading to the ER’s title.

Chemotherapy’s origin is earlier than most people think.  The drug was first tested by German scientist Paul Ehrlich August 31, 1909.

‘Bino’ the albino alligator gets acupuncture to treat his scoliosis in Brazil.  Apparently the use of acupuncture to treat zoological ailments is a growing trend among zoos and aquariums.

Have a fabulous long weekend!

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