Ahhh…don’t you just love a good long weekend? I’m crossing my fingers for some sunny Labor Day weather for a few fun-filled days of swimming, grilling, and spending time with family and friends. If you find yourself with some downtime over the holiday, check out this week’s more interesting medical news stories. 

Ice Bucket Challenge meet Rice Bucket Challenge. In the grainy twist on the ALS-supporting movement participants in India give a bucket of rice, cooked or uncooked, to a neighbor in need. 

Scientific proof that you need a vacation right now.

Midriff exposing selfies and trendy crop tops are having some unforseen health effects. Soaring numbers of young women are seeking treatment to remove thread veins from their stomachs. Seems a like an extreme measure to take to look good in a cut-out tee. 

Tripped getting out of your helicopter? Paper-cut from all those Benjamin’s? Introducing bandages for rich kid problems.

Couples who toke together, stay together. A new study shows that domestic violence rates drop among married couples who smoke weed. This begs the question, are these individuals part of a social circle favoring compassion, or are they just too stoned to care?

Redesigned hospital gloves reduce risk of infection and contamination among healthcare workers. Traditional gloves are removed by pulling on their back. The innovative new design allows pulling from the middle of the glove preventing ick from touching the wrist. 

Beefcake yoga is on the rise. Former W.W.E. stars have modified the practice incorporating more traditional strength-building exercises and calisthenics into their routines.

Home is where the microbes are. A study released in Science offers a detailed analysis of the teeming number of microbes living among us. 

Women who read ‘Fifty Shades’ are more likely to have unhealthy behaviors according to a new study. Findings suggest that ‘Fifty Shades’ fans are more likely to binge drink, have abusive partners, and suffer from eating disorders. 

Have a fabulous looong weekend!


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