Friday is here!  I hope you’ve all had a fabulous week and are planning some fun weekend activities.  My plans include a Saturday morning visit to the farmer’s market for some fresh summer produce followed by a trip to the State Fair.  Pig races here I come!  If you’re looking for a little distraction to get you through the work day and into the weekend, check out this week’s medical news on the lighter side. 

This packing list for WWII Army Nurses headed to Europe is a historical gem.  My favorite packing advice? “Be sure to bring plenty of lipstick”.

How exactly does drinking alcohol affect your waistline?  It seems that studies conflict.  While some research shows drinking alcohol can pack on the pounds, other studies indicate that moderate drinkers gain the least amount of weight overall.  Personally, I think it’s the chips and guac accompanying the margarita that pack on the pounds.

Really? Yawning is contagious between dogs and their owners.  While I’d like to say we’re above sharing biological responses with our pooches, apparently that’s not true.  Scientists have confirmed that yawning is contagious between humans and animals. 

Don’t stop that CPR!  A clinically dead woman in Australia was revived after a shocking 42 minutes of resuscitation efforts.  In a telephone interview from the hospital, she told reporters “I’m feeling excellent.  For someone who’s been dead for nearly an hour of this week I am feeling tremendously well.”  Gotta love her spirit. 

Check out this pole-vaulting granny.  79 year-old Flo Meiler took up track and field at age 60 and now holds 15 world records and 12 U.S. records in senior track and field events.

New artificial heart keeps you alive without a pulse.  Doctors at the Texas Heart Institute developed the device in an effort to create an artificial heart that does not cause blood clots or infections.  So far, the device has been successfully implanted in multiple cows and one human. 

You can’t make this stuff up.  Surgeons removed a 4-inch long dessert fork from an Australian man’s urethra.  View the astonishing X-Ray here

106 excuses that prevent you from becoming great

With online reviews of medical providers on the rise, some providers are trying to have their online reviews nixed.  Seems unfair if your plumber and hair stylist aren’t allowed to sensor their internet images as well.

4 year-old Paul Franklin has the perfect gross-out story to share with his buddies.  After falling at the beach, Paul sustained a minor injury that ultimately turned into an infected, pus-filled wound.  When Paul’s parents took him to an Urgent Care clinic to have the abscess drained, a tiny black snail popped out.  Yuck.

8 year-old Gabby Williams has the body of a newborn.  Due to a rare genetic condition, little Gabby doesn’t age like the rest of us.  Researchers plan to study her genetic makeup discovering clues to biological immortality. 

Check out these 15 natural remedies from around the world.  Looks like coconut oil may help battle the bulge and eating ginger may tame your triglycerides. 

Have a wonderful weekend!

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