How was your week?  As usual, mine passed by much too quickly but not without a little time to enjoy these last weeks of summer sun and a few ice cream cones.  I’m headed home to visit family for the weekend and can’t wait for days filled with hiking, boating and visiting my favorite hole-in-the-wall teriyaki restaurant.  I hope you have an exciting weekend planned.  Check out this week’s medical news on the light side if you find yourself with a little down time. 

Article published in the Journal of Law, Medicine and Ethics advocates for suing or criminally charging parents who choose not to vaccinate their children.  Stay tuned for my publication on suing or otherwise criminally charging academics who threaten our freedom of choice.

Hungry on-the-go?  Take a look at the healthiest items on the McDonald’s Dollar Menu.  Unfortunately, your best option involves taking the chicken off the bun of your sandwich and pairing it with a side salad.  Mmm?

8 awesome and interesting things to know about breasts.  

Nope, this is not a science fiction movie.  Researchers grow beating mouse heart made from human stem cells.  They hope these techniques can one day be used to grow human organs for transplant.

Buzzed?  Check out the caffeine content of these 20 drinks.  Just reading this list will give you palpitations.  Now, back to my mocha.

Here’s one way to keep from ordering too many X-Rays.  Using a simple rule can help you cut down on ankle X-Rays in children.  The Low Risk Ankle Rule provides a list of criteria helping to rule out ankle fracture in children saving parents from unnecessary cost and children from unnecessary radiation.

Make your next trip to the bar BYOC (bring your own cup).  A new line of cups and straws detects tasteless date rape drugs.  You can bet my future children will be sent off to college with a lifetime supply of this ingenious invention.  

Glowing bunnies created to combat genetic diseases.  Scientists conducted the experiment to test genetic manipulation techniques.  So it seems they want to produce glowing children?

Spotlighting 5 medical treatments that may be overused.  The AMA’s list aims to save some of the $210 billion a year in healthcare expenses linked to unnecessary tests.

Is your house keeping you healthy?  It might soon.  A new line of specialty WELL certified homes ensure the physical and mental health of their occupants.  I’m guessing developers of this movement have omitted the ant infestation my 1920’s fixer-upper is currently experiencing.  It’s not faring so well for my mental health. 

Are entrepreneurs healthier than the average worker?  Gallup says “kind-of”.  While entrepreneurs are more likely to exercise and eat healthy foods, they tend to be stressed-out and are more likely to find themselves without health insurance.  

Grab the Kleenex for these 10 feel good stories you can’t miss.  Tim Harris, who has Down syndrome, has always dreamed of owning his own business.  He now runs a restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and hugs. 

Man denied life-saving surgery over a 26-cent insurance dispute.  Fortunately, after the man and his family hired an attorney the dispute was settled.  He is scheduled for surgery this today.  Before spending all that money on legal fees, he shoulda called these guys

18 tricks to teach your body.  Bet you didn’t know that exhaling as your left foot strikes the ground when running will relieve a side stitch.  Or, that sleeping on your left side prevents acid reflux. 

Have a wonderful weekend!

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