I hope you are having a fabulous July 4th holiday. My all American weekend started with a day at the lake followed by a fireworks show and is to be continued with plans for a campfire and s’mores this evening. Mmmm…. If you find yourself with some free time between lighting left over sparklers and grilling the perfect burger, check out this week’s most entertaining medical news. 

Can listening to heavy metal have health consequences? If you head-bang along with the band, it can. Head-banging has been associated with injuries like chronic subdural hematoma, carotid artery dissection, and odontoid fracture. 

Model poses in bikini with colostomy bag. Bethany Townsend suffers from Crohn’s and thanks to encouragement from her husband decided to pose swimsuit clad even after her colostomy procedure. 

More left handed men are born in the winter. Guys with November, December, and January birthdays are more likely to be south paws than their summer birthday counterparts according to a recent study. Scientists believe the bright light from May to July, results in seasonal developmental differences responsible for handedness. 

Here’s what competitive eating does to your body

Hip hop icon Joseph “Rev Run” Simmons wants to put diabetes on the run. He plans to spread awareness of the disease through his new show “Rev Run’s Sunday Suppers” which emphasizes the importance of healthy eating. 

Snakebite causes huge mass in woman’s leg 50 years later. The Thai woman had been bitten by a pit viper when she was 14 developing a painless mass years later. The mass ultimately grew so large, it had to be surgically removed. 

For $250, this nurse will relieve your hangover. “IV Doctor” a home health service started by a urologist, sends nurses to the homes of ailing partiers in NYC and the Hamptons to administer IV fluids as well as meds for nausea and headache. 

There’s a reason the “four-eyed bookworm” stereotype exists. A new study shows near-sighted students are more likely to go farther in school. Rates of nearsightedness increase the higher the level of education. 

Have a wonderful weekend!


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