Happy Friday!  I hope you had a wonderful week.  My week has been spent treating a wide variety of outdoor-related injuries in the ER and getting ahead on preparations for the 4th of July holiday.  If you need a distraction from your regular Friday routine, check out this week’s more interesting medical news stories.

You might want to think twice before getting that colonoscopy.  A study taking place at five hospitals nationwide showed that 3 out of 20 colonoscopy instruments were contaminated from prior procedures.  Some types of instruments had contamination rates as high as 30%.  Gross. 

A real life Super Size Me.  A 31 year-old Monaco woman drinks Coke instead of water for 16 years.  After consuming two liters of cola daily for nearly two decades, the woman began to suffer from fainting spells.  Coke consumption had caused her potassium to drop resulting in a heart arrhythmia responsible for the syncopal episodes.  After kicking her cola habit, the woman’s potassium level returned to normal correcting the arrhythmia.

5 lesser known benefits of having a beard.  It turns out a little facial hair may be the key to keeping your skin younger looking and even cancer free. 

Brought to you by Obamacare- better hospital food.  Since Medicare payments now depend partially on patient satisfaction scores, hospitals are ditching the mystery meat instead opting for gourmet meals including menu ordering and ’round the clock room service. 

After having an innovative hearing device surgically implanted into the base of his brainstem, a 3 year-old deaf boy hears his father’s voice for the first time.  The boy is the first child to ever undergo the procedure.  A video of the son’s first auditory interaction with his dad has gone viral.  It’s a must see. 

Certain kinds of honey may cause heart arrhythmia.  So called ‘Mad Honey Poisoning‘ occurs after ingesting honey contaminated with a chemical contained in the nectar of the Rhododendron plant.  Symptoms of the condition include vomiting, dizziness and cardiac rhythm disturbances.

A new weight loss method out of Beverly Hills helps users lose up to 30 lbs. in one month.  A plastic patch sewn onto the tongue makes eating so painful that users are forced to consume a liquid only diet.  I don’t think I will be recommending this one. 

Bucket list gone bad.  An 80 year old woman on a tandem sky dive slipped from her harness.  Her instructor held onto her as they fell toward earth.  You can watch the fateful jump on YouTube.  Experts say incidents like these are a growing trend among adventure-seeking seniors. 

Meet the new smart sock, Sensoria.  This highly technological footwear tracks stride frequency, length, foot load, mileage and pace.  Smart sock developers hope Sensoria will be a useful tool for training athletes. 

Can’t remember all your passwords?  No problem.  An electronic tattoo, or alternatively a pill, are on the horizon to help solve this problem.  The tattoo sticks on the skin while the pill is activated in the stomach.  These tiny devices communicate with your electronic devices when you are in the vicinity eliminating the need for password security.  I think I’ll stick to more traditional security methods. 

Should we eat more insects?  The U.N. thinks so.  A recent U.N. report suggests we should all add insects to our diet for their nutritional value and environmentally friendly properties.  I think developers of this U.N. report should start the trend. 

Have a fabulous weekend!

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