What a great week!  Summer is here and the sun is shining so I hope you’ve got plans for some outdoor activities this weekend.  I have spent the week crafting and baking in preparation to host a Pinterest-worthy farewell party titled “Tacos and Tequila” for our dear friends moving away.  If you need a little distraction from your Friday work duties, check out this week’s medical happenings.

19 year-old male ingests a quart of soy sauce on a dare.  Two hours later he began to have seizure-like activity.  His peak serum sodium level was 196, the highest known documented level in a surviving patient.  Doctors corrected his hypernatremia by giving a rapid infusion of 6L of IV fluids over the course of just 30 minutes. 

aKNITomy.  Artist Emily Stoneking interprets the innards of the human body and more with yarn.  Her work is on display at the National Museum of Health and Medicine in Washington, D.C.

In a workout slump?  “Prancercise” may be just the solution for you.  This workout sensation has taken the internet by storm.  While most viewers are poking fun at the exercise routine, experts say it does burn more calories than yoga. 

Great news for NP’s!  Retail health clinics staffed primarily by nurse practitioners are experiencing unparalleled growth.  The number of retail health clinics in the U.S. is projected to double from 2012 to 2015.  Say “Hello” to an awesome job market. 

A Seattle woman is attempting to live on nothing but water and sunlight for six months.  Last Thursday marked her 33rd day without food.  Unless she’s actually a plant, there’s only one way sticking to a water and sunlight diet can end. 

101 ways to be healthy.  Check out this cool graphic for suggestions on improving your health status.  My favorites?  “Aim for 85%”, “Eat Fresh” and “No Excuses”.

Baby’s life saved with superglue.  Mother Gina Jilian knew something wasn’t right when her 20 day old infant started vomiting.  Doctors discovered baby Ashlyn was suffering from a brain aneurysm the size of an almond.  The condition is rare in infants and no routine treatment has been established.  So, innovative physicians made the decision to close the aneurysm with…superglue.  The procedure was a success.

Exercise a la carte.  New restaurant menus list number of minutes of exercise required to burn off menu items.  Researchers are recommending this technique after experiments in listing calorie counts to deter unhealthy ordering failed.

Diabetics, say “Goodbye” to pricking your finger after meals.  A new breath sensor promises to monitor glucose levels.  While not yet on the market, developers of this acetone-sensing device hope it will change the way diabetics monitor blood sugar levels.  

Foods have heating and cooling effects on the body, but they make not behave intuitively.  It turns out that eating ice cream makes you hotter.  The fat in ice cream moves slowly through the digestive system causing your body to heat up aiding the digestive process.  Hot peppers, however cool you off.  Foods that make you sweat have a cooling effect on body temperature.  This begs the question, what happens if you eat jalapeno flavored ice cream?

One million pounds goes to whoever develops the next new antibiotic.  Concerned about antibiotic resistance, UK Prime Minister David Cameron is prepared to give a prize equivalent to over 1.5 million US dollars to inventors of the next big germ-fighting drug. 

MD Anderson doctor writes and performs song for cancer survivors.  If you’re in the mood for a cry, check it out HERE.

See you back at MidlevelU on Monday…or sooner if I get my act together.  Have a wonderful weekend!

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