How was your week?  I cannot wait for the weekend to come.  All these Summertime injuries along with the usual cases of illness have the emergency department bursting at the seams.  I plan to take a not so relaxing, but well-deserved break this weekend by braving the sweaty crowds and blazing sun at local music festival Bonnaroo.  What are you up to?  If you could use some good reads while you recover from the work week, check out these medicalish news stories.

You can now live forever by turning your brain into plastic.  Scientists hoping to map the human brain are looking for volunteers willing to have their brain preserved within fifteen minutes of death. The process freezes your brian into place preserving even long term memories.  Let’s just say I have my doubts.

What happens when you quit smoking?  After just 20 minutes, smoking cessation has positive health effects including decreasing pulse and blood pressure.  This handout from Cleveland Clinic is perfect  to share with your patients. 

Get Out the Vote!  This week, the Wall Street Journal Health Blog published a survey asking the public about their confidence level in NP’s.  I of course responded to the survey with the highest accolades.  Help support the public perception of NP’s by responding to the survey

Could your next watch monitor blood pressure?  While my current chunky, gold, faux designer time piece can barely even tell time, a new wrist watch doubles as a sphygmomanometer.  This innovative “watch” uses sensors to track blood pressure rather than the typical circulation interrupting squeeze.  

Nurse and cancer survivor Helene Neville is taking an inspirational run from Canada to the Mexican boarder.  She plans to stop along the way to speak with healthcare professionals about her experience as both a patient and provider.  Watch her inspiring story here.

You might want to call a taxi after your next night out.  Better yet, pop in a movie and spend your Saturday night from the safety of your own couch.  A new study shows that 40% of designated drivers are actually drunk.

Coolest Job.  Ever.  Rock medicine nurses provide care for concertgoers at music festivals across the country- and take in a free show too.  

Why do belly flops hurt so much?  Ask “Professor Splash”.  This ex-professional high diver turned belly flop extraordinaire has flopped at a height of over 37 feet sustaining eight concussions as well as internal pancreatic swelling in the process.  

To become an NP or a DNP, that is the question. Check out this helpful infographic explaining the differences between the two NP options. 

You can now have your entire genome sequenced for about $5,000.  Included is participation in a post-sequencing conference explaining your genetic findings.  There’s even a chance for genetically sequenced individuals to discuss their genomes over cocktails.  Reporter Carole Cadwallader describes her experience with genome sequencing in this interesting article.  

Have you heard of Cotard’s Syndrome?  Hint: it’s probably not a diagnosis you learned in nursing school.  This condition leads people to believe they are soulless, zombie-like creatures moving about in a world that doesn’t exist.  Cotard’s Syndrome is commonly associated with schizophrenia.

Disturbing new trend.  In an attempt to get drunk without consuming any calories, some people are pouring alcohol over dry ice and inhaling.  DIY kits involving a bike pump are also available allowing party goers to inhale a little EtOH.  The alcohol goes straight to the blood stream causing calorie-free intoxication.  I’ll stick to margaritas by mouth.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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