Happy Friday!  Whether you are traveling for the long weekend or staying put, I hope you are looking forward to some fun and sun this Memorial Day.  As you watch the clock anticipating the holiday weekend, check out this week’s happenings in medicine.  

Man accidentally saws his arm off, retrieves it, drives himself to hospital where it is reattached.  The 37 year-old Hungarian man was cleaning a machine that processes construction rubble when he accidentally sawed off his right arm below the elbow.  He retrieved the arm, drove to the local hospital and was then airlifted to Vienna where plastic surgeons reattached the missing appendage. 

Pediatric patients were all smiles last week at Chicago’s Ann and Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital.  Commercial window washers donned superhero costumes while cleaning the facility’s windows.  Children awoke to the sight of Spiderman, Batman and Captain America scaling their windows wielding squeegees.  Turns out the superhero window washing craze is sweeping the nation’s children’s hospital network.

Medtube is one of the hottest new medical apps on the market.  With this app geared toward healthcare professionals, you can watch videos of various medical procedures from an up-close root canal to a first-time face transplant.  This app could also prove useful in explaining procedures to patients pre-op. 

Do you tote a Coach, Lois or Marc Jacobs bag?  Regardless of the affluence of your most prized purse, it’s probably pretty dirty.  A new study shows handbags may contain more germs than the average toilet flush.  Get out those handi-wipes.

10 medical tools you’re glad exist only in museums.  From an early mercury syringe discovered in a shipwreck to the original at-home pregnancy test, thankfully these medical mechanisms have fallen out of fashion.

Got a green thumb?  New research shows that just 5 minutes in the garden can lower stress and recharge batteries.  Get planting!

Milk may not be as healthy as you think.  Referring to America’s favorite childhood drink as white poison, the author of this article discusses what your kids might be getting along with their daily drink including pus, blood, antibiotics and carcinogens. 

Is the future of American health care in Oregon?  The Beaver State has been experimenting with cutting costs in their Medicaid program and is seeing startling results.  By focusing on community health, the state has successfully reduced spending and may be setting the stage for sweeping Medicaid reform. 

I hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.  Stay tuned for a special Memorial Day post devoted to military scholarship programs for aspiring NP’s.  Who knows?  You just might be able to complete your NP program free of charge!

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