Woohoo!  Summer is here!  I cannot wait for a weekend finally filled with sunshine.  After much toiling, my yard is finally in presentable condition so I plan to host a backyard grill out with friends to show off my hard work.   What are you up to this weekend?  If you’ve got some free time between your warm weather activities, check out this week’s more interesting medical links.

Psychadelic Images from Inside Your Body.  Hong Kong-based radiologist Dr. Kai-hung Fung was generating 3-D images from CT scans to help surgeons better visualize complex anatomies.  When he added color to the images, he discovered something more- artwork. 

Curious what goes on in the OR?  MedlinePlus hosts an archive of videos of surgical procedures.  To appease your curiosity or prepare your patients for a procedure, with this database you can watch everything from a heart transplant to a hip replacement. 

Here’s a conundrum.  Researchers have found that breathing motor vehicle emissions triggers a molecular change in HDL cholesterol altering its protective cardiovascular properties so that it actually contributes to clogged arteries.  Stay away from those tailpipes folks.  

After downing 20 shots of tequila (really?) an Arizona college students becomes so intoxicated he has difficulty breathing.  His friends drop him off in the ER drunk and turning blue with an attached post-it note explaining the situation.  Nice friends. 

Toes tingling?  Or maybe you have cracks at the corners of your mouth?  Check out these 5 weird signs you’re vitamin deficient

Time to put down the ‘tabs’.  Your kitchen might hold just a remedy for pain.  From ginger for joint pain to easing earaches with garlic, researchers have identified 20 pain cures you can find in your kitchen.

A new SMART belt can detect seizures and call for help.  Created by a group of graduating seniors from Rice University, the device uses two electrodes that detect changes in skin conductance.  The SMART belt then sends a wireless message to a parent, guardian or caretaker alerting them of possible seizure activity. 

Remember the post on fecal transplantation?  Researchers have reported success with this stinky cure for C. diff.  However, they may need to get the OK from the FDA before continuing with the treatment. 

InnerBody.com offers an interactive, 3D view of the human anatomy.  Simply click on the body system of interest and the site allows you to view everything from the hyponychium of the toenail to the arch of the aorta.  When you move your cursor over a body part, a description of the organ’s function appears.  

You won’t believe what’s hiding in this beauty queen’s stomach.  After a devastating accident, former Ms. Idaho had to undergo emergency brain surgery.  Doctors removed part of her skull to relieve brain swelling storing it in her abdomen for safekeeping.  Weeks later, surgeons removed the skull bone from her belly restoring it to it’s natural position.

Want to live past 100?  Take a few tips from this infographic, A Scenic Route to a Longer Life.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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