It’s graduation weekend here in Nashville (as evidenced by my difficulty obtaining a date night dinner reservation for tonight).  So, congratulations if you are graduating from your NP program this weekend!  I wish you the best as you begin your new career.  If, like me, you have less exciting plans than celebrating graduation, check out this week’s most interesting medical stories…like “Is Farting in the OR Transmitting Germs?”.

This Monday was Melanoma Monday.  Don’t worry, you haven’t missed your chance to advocate for annual skin checks.  The entire month of May is devoted to skin cancer prevention.  So, use this month as an opportunity to scrutinize those pesky skin spots.

If you could use a little career-related inspiration, check out CNN’s list of Women Pioneers in Medicine.

Is a pill to prevent grey hair finally on the way?  Researchers have identified the mechanism by which hair changes color with age.  They hope they can use this data to reverse to process.  Drug makers anticipate a 2015 launch of anti-grey products.

We could all use some improvement in our patient communication skills.  The DrawMD app can help.  This innovative app, best suited for iPad, displays background anatomy images allowing the provider to draw over them helping to explain medical conditions and procedures.

You’ve gotta toss your toothbrush after you get strep, right?  Study says maybe not.  Researchers tested transmission of strep bacteria from toothbrushes finding they pose minimal risk of passing on illness.  

It’s National Run a Mile Days.  May 3-12 this movement to promote healthy living encourages people to get out and jog.  There are still 2 days left in the Run a Mile Days craze so get out and get moving!

Is farting in the OR transmitting germs?  Valid question.  An Australian surgeon put the question posed by a nurse to rigorous testing.  Her conclusion?  Don’t fart naked near food

Hairy Warewolf Syndrome (Hypertricosis Universalis) is a real medical condition.  The syndrome affects just one in a billion people and results in hair growth over the entire body.

Now that the Human Genome Project is winding down, the scientific community has announced a new BRAIN Initiative.  The Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies Initiative aims to better understand how we think, learn and remember. 

Treating chronic back pain may not be so tough as we once thought.  A new study shows that antibiotics may cure up to 40% of chronic back pain cases. 

Have a fabulous graduation weekend and Happy Mother’s Day!

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