Are you gearing up for Nurse’s Week 2013?!  It’s going to be a good one.  Here at MidlevelU we’ve got multiple scrub giveaways lined up so stay tuned for a chance to score some new threads.  Until then, I bring you this week’s happenings in the world of medicine.

Is the man in your life getting enough sleep?  If not, his sperm count may be suffering.  Researchers in Denmark have recently released data indicating men who sleep poorly have lower sperm counts and fewer sperm that form correctly compared to men who sleep better.  Nap anyone?

In Seattle, a woman dressed in scrubs walks into a hospital and begins trying to pry open patient’s PCA pain pumps.  When this proves unsuccessful, she proceeds to cut a patient’s IV line to steal the pain medication.  Seriously?

Doctors are nicer to thinner patients.  Researchers at John’s Hopkins analyzed recordings of patient visits finding thin patients were treated with more warmth and empathy than those who were overweight or obese. 

Radioactive bacteria may be the key to finding cancer.  Sounds like a page out of a sci-fi novel, but the theory is now undergoing testing on animals.  The Listeria bacteria is known to selectively infect cancer cells leaving healthy tissues alone.  Researchers hope to use the selective Listeria bacteria to deliver medication directly to metastatic cells. 

A soda a day keeps you lifespan away? Consuming one 12 ounce soda a day increases risk of diabetes by 18% to 25%.  A 2012 Gallup poll shows that half of all Americans drink at least one soda everyday.  Just some food for thought.

The Wall Street Journal breaks down health care spending per person in each state.  Utah ranks the lowest, D.C. the highest.  How does your state rank?

The U.S. Preventative Task Force now recommends HIV screening for all individuals regardless of risk from adolescence onward.  Do we really need to be testing every 15 year old for HIV?

Have a wonderful weekend filled with Kentucky Derby parties, Cinco De Mayo fiestas and hopefully a little spring sunshine.  What weekend could be better than one featuring mint juleps and margaritas?  Don’t forget to check back Monday for the first scrub giveaway and more Nurse’s Week swag.

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