How was your week?  Mine was fabulous.  We have been over-celebrating my husband’s birthday using it as an excuse to go out to dinner…a lot.  The weather is finally warming up and my mood is sunny as a result.  I know it’s going to be a good day when I can publish my morning post while sipping coffee on the front porch.  If you find yourself with some porch sitting time this weekend, take a look at this week’s medical recap.

Last year, six year-old Jake was taken to the emergency department for a stomach virus.  After his treatment he wanted to give a big “Thank You” to the ER staff who had helped him feel better.  Jake brewed iced tea and baked cookies selling them at his father’s business.  He took his $275 profit and purchased a little red wagon filled with coloring books donating the books to the ER for other pediatric patients.

What’s your hangover remedy?  Whether you choose a big, greasy breakfast or a stiff Bloody Mary, researchers agree we need more studies on relieving the after effects of a late night out.  Each year U.S. companies lose $148 billion to hangovers prompting interest in discovering a quick fix for tough mornings. 

Check out my favorite new app.  Prognosis: Your Diagnosis provides “case studies made fun and simple”.  With a few clicks you can draw blood and perform a MRI on your patient in question determining a diagnosis.  The program then critiques your actions.  Each case study can be completed in the course of just 2 or 3 minutes (or maybe seconds if you are smarter than I am) feeling more like a video game than an educational tool. 

What does your birthday have to do with immune disorders?  Researchers in the UK have found that babies born in the spring have higher rates of multiple sclerosis.  They suspect this effect could be related to sunlight dependent vitamin D levels.  Spring babies are gestated during the colder, darker months.  To reduce your MS risk, aim for a November birthday when rates of the disease are at their lowest. 

Walgreens is making a new move in retail medicine.  The drug store is now offering chronic care services in their clinics hoping to out-compete companies like Target and CVS.  This new strategy is eliciting mixed reviews from healthcare providers. 

Medical providers are notoriously slow to jump on the tech bandwagon.  Is anyone else still charting on paper?  We can’t avoid progress forever.  Medical Economics writer Andrea Downing Peck expects these 5 tech trends will affect your practice in 2013.

I have been predicting some studies discussing pitfalls of IVF.  Like all medical interventions, IVF isn’t risk-free.  A new study shows children born after in vitro fertilization have a 33% increased risk of childhood cancers compared to spontaneously conceived tots.  

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!  

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