Greetings from NYC!  It’s only 10am and I have already had the perfect New York day- a Fox and Friends shoot followed by a jog in snow covered Central Park.  If you weren’t up this morning watching Fox and Friends don’t worry, I will post the clip soon.  Ironically, my topic for the day was the rise in insomnia among Americans and the dangers associated with increased use of sleeping pills…all after pulling a few night shifts myself.  If you have some extra time this afternoon, check out this week’s more interesting medical news.

Sausage made from baby poop bacteria isn’t as gross as it sounds Really?  After the story about sausage-containing fecal material broke, this writer clarifies that the so called poo found in sausages is simply probiotics, the same ingredient commonly found in yogurt.  Breakfast anyone?

Could you be a slopestyle snow boarder or half-pipe skiing Olympian?  It turns out being a daredevil is genetic.  A recent study shows that risk-taking behavior may be, at least in part, due to your DNA.

You may want to reconsider that move.  Research shows that switching schools may give your kids psychotic symptoms.  Students who move three or more times during their schooling are more likely to suffer from psychotic symptoms like hallucinations and delusions.

Should health insurance cover the cost of suicide?  Just like insurers can refuse to cover health consequences of risky behaviors like skydiving, they can also refuse to cover the cost of self-inflicted injuries.  Opponents of the issue argue that suicide is a symptom of mental illness and should be covered under health insurance plans.

Student realizes he has cancer while reading a Reddit post.  Taylor Tyree was browsing the social media site and stumbled upon a photo of another reader’s testicular cancer.  Tyree was alarmed as he had noticed similar changes personally.  He made an appointment at the student health center and was ultimately diagnosed with testicular cancer. Tyree says the post “saved his life”.

Trying to be more rational?  Dim the lights.  A new study shows that bright lights trigger emotional responses.  Lower lights allow our brains to think more rationally and settle negotiations in a better way.

Do you remember your dreams?  Scientists may have discovered the secret behind why some of us are “low dream recallers” and others “high dream recallers”.  The reason has to do with the activity level of the temporo-parietal junction in the brain.

An enterprising Girl Scout, Danielle, sells cookies outside of a marijuana clinic.  Capitalizing on the munchies proved to a be big business for Danielle.  She had to call for backup cookies after just 45 minutes of selling.

There’s no better breakfast than pancakes on a Sunday morning, right?  Why not try these organ-shaped flapjacks.

Have a fabulous weekend!

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