Happy Super Bowl Sunday!  I apologize for the lack in number of posts this week.  Between sightseeing and spending time with friends, my time in India passed much more quickly than expected.  So, I sit here on an 8 hour layover in the Newark airport finally with some time to write.  If you find yourself with some free time this morning before your Superbowl preparation ensues, check out this week’s more interesting medical news. 

Does microwaving your food remove it’s nutritional value?  “Nope”, say experts.  Microwaving is even preferable to stove top cooking when it comes to maintaining the nutrient value of your next meal.

Gynecology board reverses ban on treating male patients.  

American’s waistlines are now so big that seat belt use is shrinking.  A new study finds that overweight drivers are more likely to die in car crashes than their normal weight counterparts because heavier individuals are less likely to wear seat belts.

A news study shows infants intuitively know plants provide a food source.  After watching an adult place a fruit and a non-food object in their mouth, infants were then presented with both items.  Infants intuitively choose fruit as a food source over non-food items. 

Could science have discovered the end to peanut allergies?  In a recent study, researchers exposed children with a peanut allergy to increasing amounts of peanut protein.  They found kids could gradually increase their tolerance to peanut exposure.  This study could offer life-changing options to peanut allergy sufferers. 

Bottoms up!  Vodka blamed for the high number of early deaths in Russia.  Sadly, 25% of Russian men die before the age of 55, mostly a result of excessive alcohol consumption.

How to eat like an Olympian?  U.S. athletes have departed for Sochi in preparation of the winter games bringing with them bags and bags of food including copious amounts of peanut butter. 

OMG.  Don’t walk and text.  A new study shows walking and texting not only puts you at greater risk of falling but also throws off balance and posture. 

Need to see a doctor quickly?  Try Dallas but avoid Boston.  A survey of 15 metropolitan areas shows how cities compare when trying to get an appointment with a physician. 

Have a wonderful Superbowl Weekend!

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