TGIF!  It has certainly been an interesting week in the ER.  It seems nothing makes people prone to public intoxication quite like Valentine’s Day.  I have heard enough stories of unrequited love, relationship triangles and break-up’s for this year.  I think next year I might request Valentine’s Day off work.  Looking for some entertainment to make the work day pass by more quickly?  Check out these interesting medical tidbits.

An Iowa man is charged with assault after charging an emergency room physician, slamming him into the door and placing him in a choke hold.  Perhaps NP programs should include self-defense courses in their curriculum?

Have an owie?  Consider sprinkling on a little granulated sugar to promote wound healing.  A common practice in Zimbabwe, researchers in the UK are now studying sugar as a treatment for speeding wound healing and decreasing pain.  So far, informal results indicate sugar is beneficial for healing.  Scientists believe sugar draws water away from the wound surface inhibiting bacterial growth.

39 new drugs were approved by the FDA in 2012.  Among the most notable is Gattex, a treatment for short bowel syndrome costing patients a whopping $295,000 per year.  For that price, you could buy a new home…for every year of treatment based on the average price of new homes sold in the United States.

The FDA has approved a new bionic eye.  The highly technological gadget helps damages photoreceptors in the eye translate light into electrical signals relaying them to the optic nerve.  Researchers hope to further improve the device increasing it’s resolution. 

Parents complain perpetually about lack of sleep while raising children.  Research deems these complaints a gross exaggeration.  The average sleep loss experienced by parents for each child under 2 years of age?  13 minutes. 

Last year, Colorado man Wayne Watson won a 7 million dollar lawsuit over a case of ‘Popcorn Lung‘.  Mr. Watson had consumed two bags of microwave popcorn daily for 10 years when he began experiencing respiratory problems related to years of inhaling artificial butter.  This guy’s house must smell worse than a musty movie theater.  You have to wonder if he was completely unaware that consumption of that much fake butter wouldn’t have some negative health consequences.

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