February is here…and it’s Friday.  We are officially one month closer to warmer weather and one day away from the weekend.  If that’s not enough to make your day fly by, check out some of these more interesting happenings in medicine.

President Obama calls on medical providers to help with gun control.  Medical providers express concern over the issue as predicting a patient’s level of ‘dangerousness’ is difficult.  Will law enforcement become part of our job as nurse practitioners?  

Check out these 10 Weird Medical Syndromes including Fish Odor Syndrome.  No, this is not something you diagnose with a pelvic exam, Fish Odor Syndrome (Trimethylaminuria) is a rare metabolic disorder causing a person’s sweat, urine and breath to give off a strong fishy odor.  Goodbye social life.

Researchers at the University of North Carolina are one step closer to understanding how Staphylococcus aureus becomes resistant to antibiotics.  Unfortunately, even if scientists discover a cure for this superbug, draining pus-filled buttocks abscesses will still remain part of the nurse practitioner job description. 

Sorry college students, binge drinking directly leads to insulin resistance causing type 2 diabetes.   Researchers at the Diabetes Obesity and Metabolism Institute have identified the mechanism by which excessive alcohol intake raises the risk for type 2 diabetes, coronary artery disease and stroke. 

Bad week?  Watch this ZDoggMD video– it is sure to help your mood.  Have a fabulous weekend!

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