Do you finally feel like you are back in the swing of things?  Between Christmas and New Year’s and the odd week days falling in between, I feel like I have gotten nothing accomplished over the past few weeks.  The break was nice, of course, but I am glad to be back to work in full force.  If you find yourself with some free time this chilly weekend, check out the week’s more interesting medical news.

Nonprofit ‘Music & Memory’ is seeking iPod donations for nursing homes.  Dan Cohen, founder of Music & Memory came up with the idea in 2008.  While research shows music has a positive impact on patient’s with Alzheimer’s and other health problems, nursing homes were not using iPods.  With help from donations, Cohen has place iPods in over 300 nursing homes with excellent results. 

A new study shows young adults damage DNA with weekend alcohol consumption.  Researchers compared oxidative damage to cells in young adult drinkers and those who did not drink.  Young drinkers had twice as much cellular damage as those who abstained. 

I nail polish harmful?  Many nail polishes contain carcinogens which could prove harmful, especially for those working in nail salons.  Experts recommend doing your research to find the safest brands. 

The U.S. spends 5 times more on antibiotics for kids than the U.K.  Analysts say not only are children in the U.S. prescribed antibiotics more often, then receive pricier prescriptions and are often prescribed longer courses of medication. 

Not everyone starts their infant off with rice cereal.  This slideshow highlights baby food from around the world such as okayu, a mix of rice, dried fish, vegetables an pumpkin frequently fed to tots in Japan. 

Will you watch TLC’s new show ‘Sex Sent Me to the ER’?  I think I’ll pass.  There are just some things that should be kept private…or at least off TV.

Let them eat sandwiches!  The USDA is loosening infamous restrictions on school lunches.  Limits on the amount of grain in meals forced many schools to serve salads rather than sandwiches and as a result participation in school lunch programs dropped dramatically.  Now, bread is back on the menu. 

A new study reveals where your body feels emotions.  Regardless of culture and language, we all sense emotions in the same bodily locations.  Envy, for example, sends feeling to your head while love is experienced throughout the core. 

Google releases a list of most searched for calorie counts.  2012’s list was topped with requests for fast food nutrition information while 2013’s most searched calorie counts include eggs, bananas, beer and oatmeal.  Perhaps we are getting more health conscious.

Stay warm this weekend!

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