Living in the South during the winter is quite amusing.  Yesterday, Tennessee declared a state of emergency…because it was 36 degrees and raining.  It was so close to snowing that everyone freaked out.  The situation worked perfectly for me.  Everyone stayed home after their mad dash to the store for milk and bread and things in a can no one actually eats, and I ran my afternoon errands in peace.  If you are stuck at home this weekend in some actual snow, check out this week’s more interesting medical news stories.

Nigerian man rescued from sunken boat after three days trapped at the bottom of the Atlantic.  The man stayed alive in an air pocket and was discovered when Dutch divers were looking for dead bodies.  The man had to spend two days in a hyperbaric chamber before stepping out into fresh air.  Amazingly, the rescue was caught on tape. 

Christmas shopping this weekend?  Consider putting these 14 toys that will make your kids smarter on your child’s wish list. 

Whoa granny!  A new study shows seniors are surprisingly frisky.  More than a quarter of those age 75 to 85 are still sexually active.  Sadly, the drop off after age 85 is most often due to lack of a partner. 

12 unhealthy fish you should avoid.  Unfortunately, shrimp top the dirty dozen list.  90 percent of shrimp sold in the U.S. are imported and contain contaminants like residue from chemicals used to clean pens, mouse hair and pieces of insects.  Time to rethink the apps for your holiday party. 

Men at work for women in labor.  It seems there has been a recent increase in the number of “dude-la’s”, male doulas.  Still, moms to be have varying opinions on if they would prefer a male or female to assist with birth.

Cannibal sandwiches‘ a health risk says the FDA.  Apparently the sandwich, raw beef on cocktail bread, has been popular in Wisconsin for years.  Not surprisingly, health officials have tied a recent E. coli outbreak to the popular snack. 

Do you sound tall or small?  Researchers have shown that listeners are often able to determine the relative height of a person by their voice.  Scientists think this is due to a type of sound called subglottal resonance produced by the lower lungs. 

Scientists have successfully transferred designer sperm into the mouse genome.  The custom traits are seen in at least three generations of progeny.  While researchers hope this will help them better understand disease, it begs the age old question, could we soon be designing our own children?

A barefoot Taco John’s employee leads the list of the 9 grossest fast food moments

Stay warm and have a wonderful weekend!

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