Happy Friday! How was your week? Personally, I’m feeling a little sleep deprived from working late shifts in the ER so there’s definitely some couch time in store for me this weekend. And, if I get motivated, maybe some yoga, too. If you’ve been too busy to keep up with this week’s news happenings, check out these more interesting medical stories. 

27 health questions people have actually Googled. Warning- not for the faint of heart. 

Mothers attending a pro-breastfeeding event in the UK told they couldn’t breastfeed? Mothers invited to the summit on nursing babies were asked to bring their infants to the conference. They were also notified the venue was not designed to accommodate nursing. 

Chris Christie has been given 77 diet books as gifts since taking office. Titles include “Leave the Cannoli- Take the Weights” and “This Ain’t No Diet Book”.

A new device delivers sound to the deaf through the tongue. The system captures sound converting it to a series of electrical impulses. The impulses are delivered to electrodes held against the tongue’s surface. 

Tax preparers get ready to be barers of bad new about new health law this tax season. 

Washington State may raise the legal smoking age to 21. The state’s attorney general says changing the legal age to purchase tobacco products will have a significant impact as an increasing number of teens are trying e-cigarettes. 

In other smoking news, new data shows that American smokers spend at least $1 million dollars on cigarette-related expenditures over their lifetimes. In Alaska the habit costs over $2 million. 

How a cast of dancing superhero vegetables are changing the way kids eat-for the better

Could your coffee habit ward off cancer? A new study shows a cup-a-joe could reduce your risk for melanoma by a fifth. 

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Have a wonderful weekend!


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