Happy Friday!  I hope you have had a wonderful week and are making some exciting holiday plans for the weekend.  Yesterday I was finally able to get the Christmas present situation around my house in check and am now wrapped and ready to go.  If you find yourself with some free time between the mall and Christmas cookie baking, check out this week’s medical news on the lighter side.

Not two, but three biological parents?  It doesn’t seem strange to 13 year-old Alana conceived with genetic material from three parents.  Further research into mixing DNA was halted by the FDA in 2001, but now scientists are fighting to look further into experimenting with fertility treatments using DNA from multiple parents.

Pucker up.  Mistletoe, the same plant you kiss under during the holiday season may be effective against certain cancers.  The plant has also been used for treating epilepsy, headaches, infertility and arthritis.

Scientists have yet another strange way to lose weight- ear acupuncture.  Results of a clinical trial showed that individuals receiving acupuncture experienced a decrease in weight.  The new research published in the Journal of Acupuncture in Medicine is widely criticized by other scientific groups.  Most scientists say “Consulting an acupuncturist will reduce your cash but not your weight”.

If you drank like James Bond, you’d be shaken, too.  Dr. India Neil Guha, a liver specialist, has spent a year pouring over Bond’s drinking habits.  According to her analysis, Bond consumed about 45 drinks a week on average, enough to cause liver cirrhosis and brain damage.

Some illnesses get worse in the mornings.  From gout to tinnitus, many people find that health problems feel the worst when they wake up.

Chewing gum may be the culprit for migraine headaches in teens.  Constant lip smacking and bubble popping puts strain on the tempromandibularjoint (TMJ) resulting in headaches.

Cutting alcohol consumption may reduce the risk of breast cancer but American women don’t want to hear it.  In a national survey, only 12% of women were interested in learning how to reduce their drinking, a proven risk factor for breast cancer.

Doctors save a man’s hand by reattaching it to his leg.  Xie, a worker operating a machine in China, accidentally cut off his hand.  After storing the severed hand on ice for 7 hours, Xie finally found a doctor who could help.  Then, once Xie’s arm healed doctors reattached the hand to it’s proper position without complication.

I wish my hospital was this festive.  Check out these hospital glove Christmas trees.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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