Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you had a fabulous meal and, two days later, still find yourself feeling stuffed. My week had been full of food and family making for a memorable week. Yesterday I hit the mall finding at least one good deal which is plenty giving that I started my shopping experience with the intent of “just browsing”. While you sit down over a plate of leftovers this afternoon, check out this week’s more interesting medical news. 

You may not want to see the Stephen Hawking movie “The Theory of Everything”, but you should. The tear-jerker explores the life of the famed physicist who was diagnosed with motor neuron disease in the 1960’s. The movie is a beautiful reminder that you never know what life will bring.

Happy Thanksgiving! Here’s the science behind overeating and avoiding food poisoning. 

These smart earplugs aim to improve sleep quality by taking noise blocking to the next level. The high tech devices connect to your smartphone and beam soothing sounds such as white noise or rainfall directly into your ears. Stocking stuffer, anyone?

What should you do if a fly gets into your Ebola goggles?

Science takes a stab at backing traditional Chinese medicine with data. Researchers in some of the world’s most highly respected universities are analyzing complex biological systems to see if ancient practices hold up to scrutiny. 

Endless blood. Smart use of an old technology is saving women’s lives. This OB talks about his experience using massive transfusion protocol. 

Could living in a glass house boost your health? Architects claim that their light-filled homes improve sleep and fight stress. The modern buildings actually look quite cozy, not to mention owners save on wall decor. 

A new wireless implantable chip treats MRSA infections and dissolves once done. 

One drug company is using doctors with troubled pasts to market painkillers. Insys Therapeutics has come under fire recently because many of the physicians paid to promote drug Sudsys, a narcotic painkiller, are under legal investigation themselves. 

How many calories did you consume on Thanksgiving Day? Survey says…about 4,500. 


Have wonderful November weekend!


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