Happy Saturday to all!  I hope you are enjoying an exceptionally lazy morning.  This week turned into quite a blur with the usual busy ER shifts, a last minute trip to New York for the Hannity Show and a social calendar that always sneaks up on me.  So, to celebrate the end of a good week in style, last evening I feasted on Mexican food and drank margaritas with friends…ahhh so good. I hope you all are enjoying your weekend.  If you find yourself with a little free time, check out this week’s more interesting medical news. 

Sorry middle-agers.  Not only are your 401K’s reaching dismal lows, a new study shows a mid-life economic recession is linked to cognitive decline later in life.  

Doctors keep it simple, ditch insurance.  In the wake of Obamacare confusion, some healthcare providers are saying “forget it” and converting their clinics to cash only establishments.  While few have made this move to date, momentum is growing. 

Dreading pain can be worse than pain itself.  New research shows that the anticipation of pain is a major source of misery.  Most people prefer to just “get it over with” and would even opt for higher levels of pain to have the painful event over as soon as possible. 

These disturbing fast food truths will make you reconsider your lunch.  Even “healthy” fast food side salads contain propylene glycol to keep leaves crispy.  This questionable ingredient is also found in antifreeze.

New procedure allows jewelry to be implanted in the eye.  Lucy Luckayanko, the first recipient of this new eye bling says “It’s going to be a conversation maker”.  I agree. 

Obama signs law allowing research into HIV-positive organ donation.  Researchers are investigating the benefits of transplanting organs between HIV-positive patients, not between an HIV-positive patient and a healthy host. 

Elite athletes do it, so why not surgeons.  Researchers are looking into the benefits of watching video replays to evaluate surgeon’s skills.  

A cold environment makes cancer grow and spread faster.  A new study found that tumors grew more quickly in mice housed at 72 degrees than in those living in an 86 degree environment.  Researchers say this is because the immune system functions more effectively in warmer environments helping to destroy cancer cells. 

The CDC is ramping up it’s Get Smart campaign educating the public about the threat of antibiotic resistance.  Live twitter chats answer the public’s pressing questions on antibiotic use. 

Have a wonderful weekend!

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