Happy weekend!  What do you have planned for these precious days off?  I am actually working this weekend, but thankfully the evening shift leaves me some free time for daytime brunch, movies and napping.  In case you missed the news this week, check out these more interesting medical headlines. 

Ballet dancers do the splits in an MRI scanner.  Researchers in Switzerland are using the MRI images to evaluate the chronic hip problems suffered by many ballet dancers as a result of repeated, extreme leg movements. 

The chemistry of Breaking Bad, analyzed.  Do the show’s meth-producing reactions match up with reality?

New survey shows dentist’s clinical decisions often conflict with research.  Overall, dentist’s choose the treatment consistent with current research about 62% of the time.  Don’t get too judgemental- this rate is consistent with findings in medicine as well. 

Hard times and headaches. New research shows the recent recession made people feel physically ill.  An analysis of Google queries from December 2008 to December 2011 shows increased searches for “abdominal pain”, “migraines”, and “headaches”.

STD tests- there’s an app for that.  A new app called Hula (“because it helps you get lei’d”) points users to STD testing centers and allows them to receive their results by phone as well as privately share them with partners.  

Looks like there’s some science behind the placebo effect.  In a new study, at least half of a drug’s effect came from the patient’s expectation that it would work.  

Could this digital fork help you lose weight?  The new smart fork vibrates in your mouth when you eat too fast and reports your habits, good and bad, to your smart phone.  Makers of the fork claim it will help curb overeating resulting in weight loss. 

7 brain foods for breakfast.  These healthy eats will give your brain an early morning edge. 

Have a wonderful weekend!

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