Whew!  What a week.  From Nashville to NYC for a Fox and Friends shoot then from New York to Seattle for ACEP 2013, it seems my weekend was spent entirely at the airport.  But, I’m finally settled in Seattle and ready to continue my NP education at ACEP.  I’ve got some interesting classes lined up and can’t wait to share what I learn as the week progresses.  But, until then, if you’ve got some free time check out this week’s more interesting medical news. 

Study shows that singing “Happy Birthday” makes cake taste better.  Researchers found that any routine results in greater enjoyment of food because it builds anticipation in our minds.

Should suicidal patients be resuscitated?  Good question.  While patients have a right to refuse any medical procedure, the situation gets sticky.  Psychiatrists say some patients go through periods where they are not competent to make such decisions. 

Why does airline food taste so bad?  Scientists say your tastebuds are to blame.  The combination of dry air and pressure changes at 30,000 feet reduces our sensitivity to taste.  Ability to taste salty and sweet flavors drops by as much as 30 percent at high altitude. 

Forget the stool shake.  A new fecal transplant pill is effective against recurrent C. diff infection.  The new pills contain a high concentration of fecal bacteria without the “yuck” factor of fecal transplantation. 

Bike helmet monitor alerts emergency contacts in case of a crash.  The tiny gadget clips to your helmet and even determines if the hit exceeds brain-trauma threshold. 

The Affordable Care Act, explained.  Check out NPR’s top articles explaining Obamacare for some much needed clarification. 

Researchers find that exposure to dim light packs on the pounds.  In studies, mice exposed to a high-fat diet and dim light at night gained more weight than those on a high-fat diet alone.  Why? Light exposure affected glucose tolerance and also caused mice to eat more throughout the day. 

Why can ballet dancers spin without getting dizzy?  Scientists say that after years of training, dancers are able to suppress signals from balance organs in the inner ear. 

Is America in a “State of Decay”?  While there’s a lot of attention right now on healthcare, experts say we’re neglecting our teeth.  17 states were graded as “poor” when it comes to their rate of dental care. 

Guilt may literally be weighing you down.  When asked to recall unethical memories, participants in one study literally felt heavier.  Scientists say more research is still needed on the topic. 

Have a wonderful weekend!

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