There is just too much to cover on a weekly basis in the world of medicine.  My “To Blog” list gets longer and longer.  Eventually I get around to paring down the list simply because content becomes too outdated.  I’m like a hamster on a wheel.  My attempts to keep up with medical news are furious yet I never get anywhere.  To solve this problem I am beginning a ‘Medical Week in Review’ column.  Here, I will share quick quips on the week’s top medical news and happenings of interest. 

Yes, it’s true.  Researchers have discovered that Facebook Makes You Feel Bad About Yourself.  In a German study, one in three Facebook users felt worse after visiting the site.  Maybe because they are sitting around online while their friends (or stalking victims) are actually doing something with their lives?

A University of Cincinnati medical student and his physician/ headache expert/ professor father have linked lightning to onset of migraine headaches.  On days lightning strikes within 25 miles of a migraine-sufferer’s home there is a 31 percent increased risk of headache and a 28 percent increased risk of migraine. 

No wonder Americans are fat.  Some of these 9 Gut-Busting Restaurant Meals pack over 3,000 calories.  A weight-stabilizing tip based on this article- avoid the Cheesecake Factory.

German surgeons leave 16 foreign objects in patient’s body during botched prostate operation.  The retained foreign bodies included a needle, a surgical mask fragment, a six-inch long compress and a six-inch roll of bandage.  Remind me never to undergo a surgical procedure abroad. 

18 Amazing Facts About the Human Body.  Did you know an average man produces 10 million sperm cells each day?  That’s enough to repopulate the entire planet in six months. 

Have a wonderful weekend!  

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