Are you a nurse practitioner student?  Whether you are in your first year, last semester or have recently graduated from your nurse practitioner program we want to hear from you.  Aspiring nurse practitioners want to know what the life of an NP student is like and current NP students are looking to connect wiht others sharing their educational path.  Who better to share their life an opinions than NP students themselves?

If you have even an iota of interest in contributing once, occasionally or on a regular basis to the MidlevelU blog, check out the following FAQ for more information. 

Why should I consider contributing the the MidlevelU blog?

NP programs represent significant life and career changes making them both exciting and challenging.  Students share many of these challenges in common.  Blogging is a way to connect with others out there who identify with your triumphs and struggles.  Maybe you are doubting your career choices?  Perhaps you aren’t sure you can cut it when it comes to your coursework?  Or, maybe you can’t wait to start your new nurse practitioner career and what to share your excitement.  Whatever your views, I guarantee other nurse practitioner students have similar issues and opinions.  Blog to connect with and get support from other students facing similar life situations.  

I’m a busy NP student.  How much time do you expect student contributors to spend on guest blog posts?

As much time as you want! NP students are welcome to submit a single guest post or post occasionally when an issue of interest arises.  Students are also welcome to contribute to the blog on a regular basis without firm deadlines.  This is a no pressure, no commitment opportunity. 

I’m not a good writer but I have ideas to share.  Is that OK?

Of course!  If you simply have an idea for the MidlevelU blog but don’t want to write an entire post, we would still love to connect with you.  Simply submit your idea using the contact form on the website or e-mail erin.tolbert@midlevelu.com and we will give a voice to your topic of interest.  Or, you can submit a rough draft of a blog post and we will edit it to perfection.

I’m no longer a nurse practitioner student.  Are you looking for submissions from prospective and practicing nurse practitioners as well?

Yes, yes and yes!  If you are thinking of becoming an NP or PA, are a practicing NP, PA or MD, or are otherwise related to the healthcare profession, we would love to hear from you.  If you have something to say about the healthcare profession or education, we will certainly consider publishing your ideas on MidlevelU.  MidlevelU is currently working on expanding it’s physician assistant voice, so PA’s are particularly encouraged to submit their ideas. 

If you are interested in contributing to the MidlevelU blog on a one time, occasional or regular basis, or if you have a topic you would like us to address please indicate your interest or submit your thoughts using the MidlevelU contact form.  You may also e-mail erin.tolbert@midlevelu.com.  We look forward to publishing your posts!

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